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Newsletter Winter 2014

Positive Start to 2014 for New Home Sales
In 2013 the world economy enjoyed its most stable year since the outbreak of the G.F.C. Housing Industry Association’s March figures show that building approvals in Australia have recovered strongly, with national figures to January 2014 higher than they’ve been in over 10 years.

According to H.I.A. Senior Economist Shane Garrett: “The first month of 2014 was a positive one for new homes sales with an increase of 0.5 per cent recorded in January.”

“Following their small decline in December, New Home Sales resumed their growth trajectory during January.”

“New home sales have been rising pretty steadily since the third quarter of 2012, encouraged by the falling interest rates and the return of confidence to the housing market.”

Options, options and more options!
Hytile products have come a long way since our very early models. As a result of the continual feed-back we receive from our customers, development of our equipment has continued to evolve over the 49 years we’ve been in business.

cable-hoist1-winter2014 cable-hoist2-winter2014

One good example of this is the Hytile Cable Hoist. Essentially, it does what it’s always done, which is transport tiles to the roof. But with many improvements over the years you can now choose from some terrific time-saving options:

  • RAPID-RETURNThe trolley returns to the base at 2½ times the speed it went up. This function can be easily turned off when stripping a roof.
  • EASY STARTStart toggles at both top & bottom make it extra easy to send the trolley on its way.
  • FOLDINGNo assembling then taking apart your machine for each job. It folds out ready for use.
  • SNAP CONNECTORNo more bolting sections together once your machine is unfolded. With a snap connector your Cable Hoist will simply unfold and snap into place, ready to go. Snap Connectors can also be fitted to existing machines.
  • ADJUSTABLE BENDCan be easily operated from the roof, and allows for removal of tiles with minimal back strain.

Our current model Cable Hoist is: LIGHTER – can easily be handled by one person, SAFER – has low voltage electrics, and more ROBUST – uses latest inverter drive technology.



Financing a new Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator will set you back each week around the cost of a slab and a half of
beer. There are a couple of alternatives to consider:

PERSONAL LOAN – from bank: A personal loan from your bank is one convenient way to up-date your old
equipment. If the bank is happy with the way you have used your account, they can usually give approval for a loan
the same day. On this type of loan all interest is fully tax deductible and you can depreciate it each year.

What this means, effectively, is that you claim the full cost of your machine back in just a few years.

LEASING: If your credit rating is okay, or you can arrange a guarantor, the leasing finance will be granted.
All lease payments are tax deductible, but there is no depreciation on the Hoist or Elevator.


Hytile’s contact for Leasing is: Malcolm Hall
AMH Vehicle & Equipment Finance
Phone: 03 9440 8222

Malcolm would be pleased to answer your questions obligation-free, and he can assist you Australia-wide.

The benefit of one method of finance over the other will depend on what suits your own particular situation or structure.

Your accountant is probably the best person to give you this advice. You’ll need to assess your own individual needs.

Depending on your personal circumstances, purchasing new equipment before the end of this financial year might make very good sense for you and your business.


Hamper winner
The lucky winner of the Christmas Hamper was long-time Hytile customer Ross Higginbotham from Montrose in Victoria.


NSW tiler retires after 54 years on the roof!
Michael Buckley from NSW contacted Hytile to let us know that “after 54 years of roof tiling, and wearing out eight Hytile elevators”, his dad, Frank finally retired last year. We wish him all the best for his retirement back on terra firma.


No wories

Winter’s here, and we all know the challenges this time of year presents to roof tilers. One sudden downpour can ruin a good days’ work, effectively washing all your hard work, time and money down the drain.

Hytile RIDGECOVERS protect your finished work from the elements. Keep a few of them in the truck and you’ll never be caught out again.

Available in 7 metre rolls.


tilecutter-banana flex


Small house blocks mean fewer suitable places to load roofs from. This means once the tiles are transported up to the roof, tilers have to carry them longer distances than in the past.

Batten Trolleys glide easily along the roof battens carrying up to 60 tiles at a time. So, for your back’s sake, as well as the safety aspect, why not use a Batten Trolley – they take the heavy lifting out of long carry-outs.