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Established 1965
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Our Products

  • Cable Hoists

    Cable Hoists

    The light, easy-to-use, electric Cable Hoist can be operated by one man or a gang. It can lift up to 15 tiles per load, is powered by a 3/4H.P. electric motor, and has a 12 volt control system.
  • Belt Elevators

    Belt Elevators

    The versatile HYTILE Belt Elevator is available in both petrol and electric models, with a choice of a fully adjustable Bend, and either folding or clip-together sections.
  • Solar Panel Lifter

    Solar Panel Lifter

    The HYTILE Solar Panel Lifter is a fast, safe, portable and efficient method of transporting Solar panels to the roof.
  • Tilecutters


    The HYTILE Tilecutter was developed over many years and has become an industry standard in Australia.
  • Trimming Trays

    Trimming Trays

    HYTILE Trimming Trays are a great way to keep the roof and gutters free from bits and pieces of cut-off tile. Keep the roof safe and eliminate the need for clearing up
  • Batten Trolley

    Batten Trolley

    This small, light device allows up to 50 tiles at a time to be conveyed across a roof using the battens as rails.
  • Bedding Frames

    Bedding Frames

    Use a HYTILE Bedding Frame to ensure your hip and ridge tiles are laid in a straight, even line. With 5 Models to choose from, you’ll find one to suit your needs
  • Slaters’ Tools

    Slaters’ Tools

    HYTILE supplies a range of top-quality Slating Tools.
  • Gutter Pro

    Gutter Pro

    Cleaning the gutters? Carrying out repairs? Retrieving a ball? Use a HYTILE Gutter Pro with your ladder for a safe, professional, hassle-free job.
  • Gutter Guard for Battens

    Gutter Guard for Battens

    This handy piece of equipment protects new guttering from damage when pulling battens up onto the roof. Battens are laid against the guard and pulled up onto the roof as required.
  • Chipping Hammer

    Chipping Hammer

    Designed specifically for the Roof Tiler for cleaning and chipping both concrete and terra-cotta tiles.
  • Ridge Covers

    Ridge Covers

    Save time and money in bad weather. Make wash-outs a thing of the past by protecting your pointing from rain with HYTILE Ridge Covers. Does your bedding and pointing take forever to dry with the heavy winter frosts? Protect your fresh work from sun-down to sun-up with a HYTILE Ridge Cover. Available in 7 metre lengths.
  • Elevator Lifter

    Elevator Lifter

    Rooftiling is perhaps the most physically demanding occupation in the building industry. It requires a considerable amount of heavy lifing with much of the work being done in a stooped or bent over position.
  • Weep Holer

    Weep Holer

    Keep a HYTILE Weep Holer handy and you won’t have to look around for bits of wire or reinforcing to make your weep holes.
  • Rafter Marker

    Rafter Marker

    With the HYTILE Rafter Marker jobs can be marked out with speed, ease and accuracy. Simply turn the adjustment screw to set the pivot point, then "walk" the Rafter Marker up the rafter, leaving texta marks as you go.
  • Flexible Pointing

    Flexible Pointing

    HYTILE Flexible Pointing is the result of the very valuable feedback we have received over the years from our customers – they have told us what characteristics are important to them in a flexible pointing compound and the result has been this terrific product