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Established 1965
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Everyone wants the best products available for the best price. Some take the cheapest option regardless of quality, but the vast majority will settle for value every time. And HYTILE equipment is real value. This is what a Roof Tiler gets when he buys HYTILE equipment:

It is user friendly.

The design of HYTILE equipment did not happen by chance. It has evolved over more than five decades and reflects the continuing feedback we receive from the roof tilers, the men who actually use our equipment. This feedback allows us to design products which not only reduce back strain, but give roof tilers a more productive and longer working life.

It is reliable.

It does the job it was designed to do. This sounds simple enough, but it’s not always the case. It also does it well, and it just keeps on doing it, quickly and efficiently.

It is safe.

It has features which protect the operator and the machine.

It is durable.

It works hard and is roughly handled, so it must be able to take such treatment, and it does so with ease.

It is portable.

It is easy to transport, easy to assemble and easy to dismantle.

It is quality.

All HYTILE products are built from top quality material. Some of our early models are still in operation after nearly 40 years of hard labour.

After sales service.

You get backup service you can really depend upon for the life of the machine.

What all this really means for you, the Roof Tiler, is that when you buy HYTILE equipment, you get quality products that have been tried and proven – products that make your job easier and make you money. And you get service – service that recognizes that without our customers our business doesn’t exist.