Hytile Hytile
Established 1965
HYTILE in Action
Loading a roof with a RAPID-RETURN three section CABLE HOIST

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HYTILE is proud to present their range of Roof Tiling products, designed and produced in Melbourne, Australia.

Established in 1965, HYTILE specializes in the manufacture of equipment solely for the Roof Tiler in order to make his job more profitable, quicker, easier and more rewarding. It is because of this specialization that we feel we have developed unique and worth while products.

We are Australia’s largest manufacturer of Roof Tiling products with exports to the U.K., Canada, U.S.A, New Zealand, Singapore, Greece and Holland.

The popularity of our equipment is the direct result of 55 years of feedback from the men who use our products, and we carry a complete range of spare parts for even the oldest products in our range.
We manufacture Australia’s most popular range of Cable Hoists, Belt Elevators, Solar Panel Lifter, Tilecutters and other Roof Tiling equipment, and we offer these products world-wide.

Please feel free to contact us – whether you are interested in purchasing for yourself, finding a local supplier of HYTILE products, or would like information on becoming a local or overseas supplier.

We look forward to being of service to you.