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Customer Comments

Referring to his new Solar Panel Lifter 'Elvis' has arrived and got his first work out today - did wonderful! Super happy! August 2023

John McClain, McClain’s Electric LLC, Colorado, USA
Bloody awesome, absolute game changer. Was going to put it on social media but then decided against it cos I don’t want my opposition to get wind of if!” May 2023

Brad, Solar One (Egmont Solar), New Zealand
Our Solar Panel Lifter is awesome! Loving that it makes installing solar panels much safer and easier. It’s simple to operate and it fits on top of the work car beautifully.

It’s an easy-to-use solar panel hoist. This fantastic piece of equipment is highly portable, folds out ready for immediate use, and doesn’t need to be dismantled. Delivers up to 3 panels at a time to the roof, is simple to operate, and does not take up a lot of space.

Thank you to the Hytile team for your help”
April 2023
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Alex Thompson, Thompson Electrical, Mornington Peninsula, Victoria
Regarding the 4-section Cable Hoist he purchased September 2022: “We are loving it!” April 2023

Matt Boyall, Dreamroof Pty. Ltd., Penrith, N.S.W.
I love the longer top section of our new Cable Folding Hoist, it’s a winner. Reaches everything!” April 2023

Richard, Roofline Roof Restoration, Malvern, Victoria
The panel lifter has been great. Convenient design so it can be placed on any of our work vehicles and install times have been faster.” August 2021

Chris Gratton, Lima Electrical and Solar, Moe, VIC, Purchased a 2-section unit in February 2020
The Lifter takes all the pressure off getting heavy panels to the roof. It’s been great!”
June 2020

Paul Edelman, Edelman Electrics, North Curl Curl, NSW
Rob’s comments on Facebook about his new Solar Panel Lifter: Cheaper than a Geda lift. 2 minutes of assembly and runs flat out all day. Worth every cent!!” “It will change your life. We have also made some crates to go on the carriage to transport the components like feet, mids and ends, tools etc.” January 2020

Robear Electrical Air and Solar, Toowoomba, Queensland
The Lifter's going great, we got 194 panels up yesterday!” June 2019

Reece Kennedy, Total Solar Solutions, Bayswater, Victoria
Talking about his new HYTILE SOLAR PANEL LIFTER: " We do a lot of two storey 40 panel jobs and we’ve been able to drop back to three guys instead of four on those. Also, at the end of the day, physically I’m not feeling like it was a 40 panel job. Absolutely love it!” February 2019

Craig McGlinn, Reef AC and Electrical, Brisbane
Commenting on his HYTILE SOLAR PANEL LIFTER: "Really happy with my machine. Bought it in May and the boys are loving it. It makes our job safer and a lot easier. Initially I ummed and ahhhed about the price, but I’m so glad I went ahead with it, it’s great." September 2018

Brenton Flynn, Eco Choice Heating and Cooling, Clifton Springs, Victoria
"We have used the Solar Panel Lifter on a job and it was really good. I am impressed with the machine. I have a big 100kW system to do and it will be put to the test then."
September 2017
"We did the 100kW job. It lifted 370 panels over a couple of days without issue. It's been great."
October 2017
"My lifter is going really well. :) There were a couple of different kinds of lifters on the market when I bought it but I reckon I made the right choice."
August 2018

Paul Ruff, Solar Connections, Hazelbrook NSW
"Hi, our Cable Hoist was purchased by my father over 30 years ago! It has just stopped working. I wondered if there is anywhere in the U.K. we could get it looked at as I feel there can’t be much to go wrong?? This has been a fantastic machine for so many years and we have looked after it extremely well. Any help would be great." September 2017

Lee Clarke, L.S.C. Roofing, Wickford U.K.
Commenting on the Cable Hoist they purchased to transport used electrical plant parts to the ground at Mount Piper Power Station:"It works brilliantly!" September 2017
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Ben Tesoriero, Electrical Plant Specialist, Energy Australia NSW
Commenting on their new HYTILE SOLAR PANEL LIFTER:"Hi Julie, see the attached pic. The guys are very happy with the unit; this project was completed in record time and I am sure the lifter had something to do with that! Many thanks" June 2017
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Tanya Harrison, Harelec Solar Power Specialists, Port Macquarie N.S.W.
"This machine is so good! It fits into any tight space, and it’s really light and so easy to set up. I just love it!" said Geoff when talking about his new short (24ft), folding, two-section Cable Hoist with no lifting arms that he recently bought for stripping roofs. August 2017

Geoff Hall Roofing Repairs and Restorations, Port Macquarie
"An absolutely brilliant idea – the best thing you’ve ever done to the Cable Hoist!" is how Graham from All Above Roofing described the brake on his new Cable Hoist. June 2017

Graham Ladd, Melbourne
"I purchased an Elevator Lifter last week and we used it today. It' very impressive and makes pulling the elevator up two stories almost fun. Well, at least very easy. Good work on that item." July, 2013

Michael Buckley, NSW
"That snap-connector is bloody brilliant!" referring to the new addition to his Cable Hoist which does away with nuts and bolts, and allows his machine to just snap into place when un-folded. July, 2013

Dean Martin, Melbourne
Referring to the Hytile FLEX Flexible Pointing: "You're on a winner. Our apprentice who's known as the Dag King did a great, clean job, no dags. Smooths off well. Fluffs up nice with the trowel. Goes a long way. This stuff is great, I really like it. If price is okay we'll use it for sure." February 2013

Mick Schelfhout, Melbourne
"My father retired this year after 54 years of roof tiling and wearing out 8 Hytile elevators." January 2013

Michael Buckley, Coffs Harbour, NSW
Referring to the GUTTER PRO: "I saw one of these in passing, being used by a local roofer. Where can I buy this splendiferous piece of must have equipment?" February 2010

Tony White, Auckland New Zealand
"Can you tell me where I can purchase a Gutter Pro in South Australia? I used a borrowed one last weekend and was so impressed I've got to have one! " November 2009

Andrew Smiles, South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre, Adelaide
Talking about his new Belt Elevator with a Bend in the top section: "It's been running fantastic and all is good, couldn't be happier with it." July, 2009

Cory Tauwhare, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Thank you email received: "Me and my partner Chris received our new flash tilecutters on friday arvo i just would like to say a very special thanks from C.D & W.G Roofing Contractors for all your help with our new cutters they work a treat it has made tiling a roof good again not such a chore any way thanks very much for everything. We hope to deal with you guys more in the future." October, 2008

C.D. & W.G. Roofing Contractors, Cairns, QLD.
"There’s no way I could go back to my old standard speed elevator now, said Shane after purchasing a new Rapid Return model Cable Hoist."

Shane Hamilton, Montrose, Victoria.
Regarding HYTILE Flexible Pointing: "I love it. It's easy to trowel, it holds better in the dry. It’s easy to pick up the dags, and it’s great for use in the hot weather."

Scott White, Ferntree Gully, Victoria.
(Purchased his Cable Hoist on 16th Feb, 1972) "You made it too good! It’s still going strong and will probably outlast me." September 2004

John Craine, Ferntree Gully, Victoria.
"HYTILE is like us - excellent products, excellent service and a firm you can trust."

Ivor Harm: Brisbane Roof Tiling Supplies, Qld.
"My HYTILE Tilecutter is the best thing since sliced bread!"

Kevin Sommerville, Machans Beach, Qld.
"HYTILE - Friendly, fast, efficient service and top quality products."

Allan Roberts, Seacliff, S.A.
"I have been using and recommending HYTILE products for over 30 years. It is first class equipment and the new model 'Y' Tilecutter is their best yet."

Max Walker, Perth, W.A.
"When I hurt my back ten years ago I thought my working days were over, but thanks to HYTILE's user friendly equipment, I'm still earning a good living."

Barry Linehan, Merrimbula, N.S.W.
"We have been using HYTILE Equipment for over 30 years. It is quality equipment and their service is excellent. We wouldn't use anything else."

Mark Connelly, Blackburn, Victoria.
"HYTILE is a great firm to do business with. Their Cable Hoist is fantastic! Without it I would still be paying off my house."

Garry Vernon, Burwood, Victoria.