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Elevator Lifter

Rooftiling is perhaps the most physically demanding occupation in the building industry. It requires a considerable amount of heavy lifing with much of the work being done in a stooped or bent over position.

At HYTILE we are acutely aware of the need to produce equipment that helps keep back strain and physical effort to a minimum – equipment that is also safe, effective and user-friendly.

If you’d like assistance setting up your machine on the job, or would like to easily lift your buckets of mud or pointing or other tools to the roof, consider using a HYTILE Elevator Lifter. This useful device allows one man to lift the longest Hoist or Elevator to roof level with no back strain.

The Lifter is clamped onto a rafter and a nylon rope is dropped down and tied on to your Elevator (or buckets or Tilecutters or Bedding Frames etc.). By pumping the lever your goods are easily lifted to roof level.