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Newsletter Summer 2021


Hytile’s last day of trading for 2021 is Thursday 23rd December.

LOCAL CUSTOMERS who will need supplies for the holiday period can come by on this day and we’ll get you sorted. As usual, Faye will be firing up the BBQ, so feel free to join us for a beer and a snag.

INTERSTATE CUSTOMERS please aim to get any last-minute orders in to us by Thursday 16th December. Hytile will resume trading on Wednesday 5th January, 2022


Hytile’s “Rapid-Return” Cable Hoist has everything you need to make your job faster, easier, safer and more efficient than ever before. Included in the latest model are ‘up’ and ‘down’ controls at the top to help make stripping a roof really easy.

Other features include:

  • LIGHT – the lightest roof tiling machine on the market
  • QUICK SET-UP – folds out and snaps into place, instantly ready to go
  • FAST – empty trolley returns to base at over twice the up speed
  • SAFE – low voltage top electrics, and a brake for the base wheels
  • ADJUSTABLE BEND to 45° – operates easily from the roof
  • VARIABLE LENGTHS – 6.1m 8.5m, 12.2m, 15.8m
  • RELIABLE AFTER SALES SERVICE – Hytile is 56 years oldand still going strong!

If you feel financing may suit your circumstances, Malcom Hall at AMH Finance would be happy to answer any questions you have. He has been helping Hytile customers for over 20 years, so give him a call on 0432 276 506.

Did you know … tensioning your wire rope correctly will ensure it lasts longer and help prevent premature wear of your drive wheel caused by a slipping wire rope.




Tilecutter Tips:

  • If the cutting action has become a little sloppy, new over-size bolts in the linkages will really make a difference. Bring in your Tilecutters and we can fit them for you, or alternatively, call us and we’ll send some out.
  • Keep the plunger barrel greased, and oil the links regularly to ensure a continuous smooth cutting action.


7 models to choose from HYTILE Batten Trolley

Use a HYTILE Bedding Frame to ensure hip and ridge tiles are laid in straight, even lines. There are 7 models to choose from:

  • STANDARD: 3.6 mtr (12ft) This model is made from tempered aluminium and is light and easy to handle. The thick layer of sponge rubber on its underside gives added grip on steeper roofs.
  • SHORT STANDARD: 1.8 mtr (6ft) As above, but shorter. Ideal for short, steep hips. Quick and easy to use and handle.
  • EXTENDABLE: 4 – 6.1 mtr (13-20ft) This model extends from 4 metres to 6.1 metres. Great for long hips.
  • SHORT EXTENDABLE: 1.8 – 3.4mtr (6-11ft) As above, but shorter. It extends from 1.8 to 3.4 metres and is quick and easy use and handle. Ideal for small jobs.
  • ECONOMY: 3.2mtr (10ft8in) This sturdy model now comes with noggins on one end to allow for extending its reach on longer jobs by fitting another Bedding Frame up to it.
  • SHORT ECONOMY: 1.8mtr (6ft) Same as above but shorter.
  • LONG ECONOMY: 4.5mtr (15ft) As above but longer.



Block sizes are smaller than they used to be, so the options for loading a roof from all sides can be limited. Batten Trolleys can be a big advantage in both speed and energy-saving by making it really easy to transport your tiles from one end of the roof to the other. They are particularly useful on long gable roofs. View one in action on our website at: www.hytile.com.au/our-products/batten-trolley