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Newsletter Summer 2019

Christmas Break


Hytile’s last day of trading is Monday 23rd December.

Local customers who think they’ll need supplies over the holiday period can come by until lunchtime on this day and we’ll get you sorted. Faye will be firing
up the BBQ, so feel free to join us for a beer and a snag if you’re going by.

Interstate customers please aim to get any last-minute orders in to us by Tuesday 17th. If you’d like a snag too, perhaps head to your local Bunnings!

We resume trading on Monday 6th January, 2020


Hytile Solar Panel Lifter

We’ve taken the heavy lifting out of getting your solar panels to the roof. This machine can also be used to take up and down all
the tools needed for your job.

Visit http://www.hytile.com.au/our-products/solar-panel-lifter to see what our customers haveto say about their Hytile Solar Panel Lifters.



A Bedding Frame to suit your job

Use a HYTILE Bedding Frame to ensure your hip and ridge tiles are laid in straight, even lines. There are 7 models to choose from:

STANDARD: 3.6 mtr (12ft) This model is made from tempered aluminium and is light and easy to handle. The thick layer of sponge rubber on the underside gives it added grip on steeper roofs.

SHORT STANDARD: 1.8 mtr (6ft) As above, but shorter. Ideal for short, steeper hips. Quick and easy to use and handle.

EXTENDABLE: 4 – 6.1 mtr (13-20ft) Made from plated tubular steel, this model extends from 4 metres to 6.1 metres. Great for long hips.

SHORT EXTENDABLE: 1.8 – 3.4mtr (6-11ft) As above, but shorter. It extends from 1.8 to 3.4 metres and is quick and easy to use and handle. Ideal for small jobs.

ECONOMY: 3.2mtr (10ft 8in) This sturdy no frills model is made from plated 25mm tubular steel.

SHORT ECONOMY: 1.8mtr (6ft) Same as above but shorter.

LONG ECONOMY: 4.5mtr (15ft) As above but longer.



The Government’s threshold for the Instant Asset Write-off scheme has increased to $30,000. Up until 30th June next year businesses can use simplified depreciation rules to claim an immediate deduction on purchases. What this means is you can claim the total deduction of around $3,000 for a new Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator straight away, instead of over 5 years.


Financing a new Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator will set you back each week around the cost of a slab and a half of beer. There are a couple of alternatives to consider:

PERSONAL LOAN – from bank: A personal loan from your bank is one convenient way to up-date your old equipment. If the bank is happy with the way you have used your account, they can usually give approval for a loan the same day. On this type of loan all interest is fully tax deductible.
What this means, effectively, is that you claim the full cost of your machine back in just a few years.

LEASING: If your credit rating is okay, or you can arrange a guarantor, the leasing finance will be granted. All lease payments are tax deductible.

Hytile’s contact for Leasing is: Malcolm Hall AMH Vehicle & Equipment Finance Phone: 03 9440 8222

Malcolm would be pleased to answer your questions obligation-free, and he
can assist you Australia-wide.

The benefit of one method of finance over the other will depend on what suits your own particular situation or structure. Your accountant is probably the best person to give you this advice. You’ll need to assess your own individual needs. Depending on your personal circumstances, purchasing new equipment before the end of this financial year might make very good sense for you and your business.



In today’s market where block sizes are becoming smaller, the options for loading a roof from all sides are limited. In these situations, the Hytile Batten Trolley can be a big advantage in speed and energy saving. Just load up the trolley and your tiles are transported from one end of the roof to the other with a minimum of physical effort.

Batten Trolleys are particularly useful on long gable roofs.

View one in action on our website at: www.hytile.com.au/our-products/batten-trolley