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Newsletter December 2007

Hytile Croydon and Hytile Hallam will both close for the Christmas break at lunchtime on Friday 21st December, 2008.

We will re-open for business on Wednesday 2nd January, 2008.

As 2007 draws to a close Hytile would like to thank you for your custom this past year. We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.

Best wishes from Jack, Gary, Mark, Julie, Caroline, Cheryl, Fergal, Peter and Jamie.



We area very pleased to introduce our new South Australian agent – Acryloc Building Products.

Acryloc Building Products is part of the Bramalco/ Modern Group, an Australian owned and operated company that have been manufacturing exterior use waterbased coatings for almost twenty years. As well as roof coatings and flexible pointing, Acryloc now stock a full range of Hytile equipment and spare parts.

Please call in to their convenient trade outlet for all your roofing needs, and while you’re there, have a look at Hytile’s new model BEND Belt Elevator, or the very popular Rapid Return, Folding Cable Hoist. Massimo or Gary will be happy to demonstrate them for you.

Acryloc Building Products 174 Cavan Road, Dry Creek 5094
Phone: 08 8368 0222

Operations Manager – Gary Brown: 0402 235 005
Roofing representative – Massimo Capasso: 0412 319 705


You, our customers, are the experts in Roof Tiling. The equipment we have produced over the years has been as a direct result of the feedback we continually get from you blokes out on the job.

What works well for you?
What might work better?
What do you think would make your job easier/safer/faster?
How could we improve our products and service to you?
What don’t we supply that you wish we would?

We are always pleased to hear from you with any feedback you have.


This product is a favourite with roof tilers who want a top quality product they can rely on. Easy to use, it’s available in a range of popular colours. Durable, U.V. resistant Hytile Flexible Pointing is backed up with the guarantee of “a full refund if you’re not completely satisfied” Give it a try – you won’t be disappointed!


cristmas-hamper_2Hytile customers purchasing goods during the month of December will again go into our annual draw to win a hamper full of delicious Christmas goodies.

The hamper will be delivered to the lucky winner’s home in time to enjoy at Christmas.


If you’d like to update your old machine, consider a leasing arrangement.

For as little as around $60 per week you can take possession of a brand new hoist or elevator.


eu20i-honda-inverter-generatorHONDA GENERATORS
For hassle-free, optimum performance of your Hytile Rapid Return Cable Hoist, we recommend the EU20i Honda Inverter Generator when on-site power is not available.

This compact, light-weight (21kg) unit delivers up to 15 hours of continuous, whisper-quiet, correctly regulated power per tank of fuel. Honda offer a 4 year warranty as well as a $200 cash back offer to all our customers.

Gary and Mark are happy to answer any queries you have regarding the use of generators with Hytile equipment.



Maintaining your tilecutter will ensure you get fast, accurate cuts. While the chisel can be sharpened with a grinding wheel, make sure you have a container of water handy to keep the edge of the chisel cool. Hardness will be lost if it gets too hot.

As the chisel wears, thegap between chisel and wheel widens. Don’t just slide the chisel down and nip up the grubscrew – it will pop back up with the first cut.

Instead, pack some small washers under the base of the chisel. Replace the wheel from time to time and also the small pin that goes through the wheel. Worn bolts in the handle and plunger linkage can be replaced with our special oversize bolts. If you prefer, we will do the maintenance for you while you wait.


Hytile Trimming Trays are a great way to keep the roof and guttering free from bits and pieces of cut-off tile.

Keep the roof safe and eliminate the need for clearing up after the job by using a durable, light-weight Trimming Tray with your Tilecutter.


sept06-4BLUNDSTONE 505s

Hytile Croydon and Hytile Hallam have a full range of sizes in the very popular Blundstone 505 workboot.