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Newsletter December 2005

From all of us at Hytile, we would like to thank you for your custom and wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.


As 2005 draws to a close and our 40th anniversary celebrations come to an end, we reflect on the things that have helped us not only survive all these years, but thrive, during good times and bad.

A great team of dedicated staff with a combined total of 110 years Hytile experience between them, and the loyalty and rapport developed with valued customers like yourselves, has helped bring us this far and ensured that we’ll be around to service your needs for many years to come.

As you can see here, our products are not the only things that keep improving with time. Whilst Hytile founder Jack Guthrie’s phone technique may not have changed over the years, the colour of his hair certainly has!



FASTER? LIGHTER? FOLDING? – The Choice Is Yours!
If you don’t already have one, you’ve most probably seen one in action by now. Hytile’s Rapid Return Cable Hoist came on to the market at the end of 2003.

Available in standard or ‘V’ shape, the Rapid Return has set new benchmarks for speed and ease of handling. Valuable customer feedback resulted in some strengthening refinements to the lighter ‘V’ hoist, and we now have three excellent Cable Hoist models for you to choose from. Get your New Year off to a speedy start with a Rapid Return!



batten-trolleyBATTEN TROLLEYS
The Hytile Batten Trolley has always been a popular tool for the “back conscious” rooftiler. Tiles can be transferred from one end of the roof to the other with a minimum of physical effort.

They are particularly useful on long gable roofs and in today’s market where block sizes are becoming smaller, the options for loading a roof from all sides are limited.

In these situations, the Hytile Batten Trolley can be a big advantage in speed and energy saving – just load the trolley and roll it.


Hytile Trimming Trays are a great way to keep the roof and gutters free from bits and pieces of cut-off tile. Keep the roof safe and eliminate the need for clearing up after the job by using a Trimming Tray with your Tilecutter.


cristmas-hamper_3Customers purchasing goods from Hytile or one of our agents during the month of December will be entered into the draw to win a hamper full of delicious Christmas goodies!

The hamper will be delivered to the lucky winner’s door in time to enjoy at Christmas.cristmas-hamper_2


beer-winnersBEER WINNERS!
The following Hytile customers are winners in our 40th year birthday celebration monthly Beer Slab give-away:

AUGUST - V & G Roofing, Stew’s Roofing, Rob Schelfhout and Brisbane Roof Tiling customer Glen Baxter.

SEPTEMBER – Excel Roofing, Brisbane Roof Tiling customer Brett Allen, On Course Roofing and S.J.C. Roofing.

OCTOBER – Stuart Sculthorpe, CTC Roofing, Shane Kingston and Matricks Roofing.


Batten Trolleys, Bedding Frames, Belt Elevators, Bucket Boots, Cable Hoists, Chipping Hammers, Elevator Lifters, Pallet Tile Holders, Rafter Markers, Ridge Tarps, Slaters’ Tools and Weep-holers are just some of the equipment available from Hytile or one of our agents.