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Newsletter December 2004

merry-cristmas_2As 2004 draws to a close, all of us at Hytile would like to thank you for your custom this past year, and we wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year.


It doesn’t seem that long ago we were all getting ready to usher in a new millenium and wondering what havoc the YK2 bug would wreak.

The introduction of the GST followed later that year and we all busied ourselves ensuring our businesses complied with the new way of doing things. Interest rates continued to fall and the New Home Owners’ Grant helped ensure that there were plenty of new homes that needed roofs.

Here we are four years on, and the positive outlook continues for the building industry.

Here’s a look at New Housing Starts Australia-wide so far this century:



lets-cCelebrate40 YEARS IN THE BUSINESS 1965 – 2005
Let’s Celebrate!

Next year will mark Hytile’s 40th year of operation.
Hytile started in the garage of owner, Jack Guthrie. Machinery to lift tiles was not common place then as it is today and Jack set about devel-oping equipment for tilers that would make their jobs easier and stand up to the rigours of their trade.

By relying on feedback from the men who would come to depend on his equipment, Jack has been able to achieve his aim, and with your help has continued to improve Hytile products over 40 years.

lets-cCelebrate_2This persistent striving for new and improved ideas has seen, among many other improvements and innova-tions, the introduction of the Hytile Trimming Tray (a product that yet again made a tiler’s job easier), and most recently the Rapid Return Cable Hoist, which is proving to be the most popular machine we have produced. It folds in the middle, is lighter than anything else on the market and gets the job done quicker than ever.

We are proud of our long history in the Roofing Industry, and will be celebrating this milestone next year. Details in our April 2005 Newsletter.


tradition continues . . .

Customers purchasing goods from Hytile or one of our agents during the month of December will be entered into the draw to win a hamper full of delicious Christmas goodies!

The hamper will be delivered to the lucky winner’s door in time to enjoy at Christmas.
Good Luck!


Tilecutters – Occasional maintenance on your tilecutter will ensure you get fast, accurate cuts. While the chisel can be sharpened with a grinding wheel, make sure you have a con-tainer of water handy to keep the edge of the chisel cool.Hardness will be lost if it gets too hot.

As the chisel wears, the gap between chisel and wheel widens. Don’t just slide the chisel down and nip up the grubscrew – it will pop back up with the first cut. Instead, pack some small washers under the base of the chisel.

Replace the wheel from time to time and also the small pin that goes through the wheel. Worn bolts in the handle and plunger linkage can be replaced with our spe-cial oversize bolts. If you prefer, we will do the maintenance for you while you wait.

sept-2002-Trolley-wheelsTrolley Wheels
When fit-ting new trolley wheels, ensure them of a long life by following these three simple steps:

Straighten wheel supports
Make sure fitted wheels are 73/4″ (197mm) centre to centre Push the trolley by hand along full length of the Hoist. If the trolley is obstructed by dents in the sec-tions, knock out the dents.



Hytile’s light, easy to use Chipping Hammers are purpose built to “knock all your knobs off!”

They are designed to fit snugly into your hand and have a replaceable scutch in one end. Pick up one next time your in, or we can send one to you overnight.


Building site inspectors require proof that your electrical equipment is safe to operate.

Hytile can check, tag, and if necessary, repair your equipment while you wait.

If you’d like to update your old machine, consider a leasing arrangement.

For as little as $60 per week you can take possession of a brand new hoist or elevator. Give Caroline or Cheryl a call for further information.