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Newsletter Winter 2015


HYTILE Turns Fifty
Hytile began in the garage of Jack Guthrie 50 years ago. Machinery to lift tiles was not common place then as it is today and Jack set about developing equipment for roof tilers that would make their job easier and stand up to the rigours of their trade. By relying on feedback from the men who would come to depend on his equipment, Jack was able to achieve his aim, and with this help Hytile has continued to improve their products over 50 years.


Opening its doors in 1965, Hytile quickly became known for making innovative equipment that changed the way roof tilers performed their physically demanding jobs.

The development of the Hytile Cable Hoist meant it was no longer necessary for men to load tiles onto their shoulders (or heads!) and climb up a ladder to deliver them to the roof. The Cable Hoist took much of the hard work out of tiling a roof and substantially cut the time it took to get the job done.




Persistent striving for new ideas has seen many other improvements and innovations over the years. The introduction of the Hytile Tilecutter, and later the Trimming Tray, saw products that yet again made a tiler’s job easier. The Tilecutter has had quite a few improved incarnations over the years.

More recently, the development of the Rapid Return Cable Hoist has proved to be the most popular machine Hytile has ever produced. It folds in the middle, snaps into place without nuts and bolts, and is lighter than anything else on the market. Its Rapid-Return function means jobs get done quicker than ever.


TO CELEBRATE OUR 50th BIRTHDAY we are giving away 50 slabs of beer
The next 10 customers who purchase a Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator will each receive a Hytile 50th Birthday Present of five slabs of beer. Cheers!

And while we’re on the subject of birthdays……. Hytile Hallam turns 10 this year, and our branch in Hoppers Crossing celebrates it’s 5th birthday.


Pete came on-board at Hytile to open our second branch at Hallam in 2005. Customers in the south-east were very pleased to have a local outlet that could service and repair their equipment, as well as stock their daily supplies.

In 2010 Mark took over at Hallam, and Pete headed out west to run Hytile’s third branch at Hoppers Crossing.


GARY – 45 not out!


2015 also marks another milestone of note – Gary’s 45th year with Hytile.

Gary started at Hytile as a 17 year old and has been providing our customers with great service ever since. His vast knowledge of Hytile products over the years ensures he’s able to provide help and advice you can rely on, and as most of you have experienced, he does this with his trademark good humour.



Our 50 years experience in this industry is why you get excellent value at Hytile. Everybody wants the best products available for the best price, and while some do take the cheapest option regardless of quality, the vast majority will settle for value every time – and Hytile equipment is value. So, before buying new equipment, consider the following:

Cost - Cost cannot be separated from VALUE. Value means a balance between the price of the product, how well the product does the job it was designed to do, how easy it is to operate, how long it can be expected to last and the quality of the after sales service. At Hytile, our 50 years in the industry ensures you get excellent value.

Weight - The lightest roof tile machine available is the Hytile Cable Hoist. Hytile Hoists and Elevators are a tried and proven balance between weight and necessary speed and strength.

Design - The design of Hytile equipment is not just one man’s idea. It has evolved from the feedback from hundreds of roof tilers Australia-wide over a period of 50 years. While the basic design of our equipment has been tried and proven, each new batch usually contains some additional modification which improves the overall function and user-friendliness of the unit.

Wirerope-Belt-Chain? - Hytile has a wirerope-drive model (Cable Hoist) and also a belt-drive model (Belt Elevator). In the early stages we experimented with a chain unit, but did not proceed. When a wirerope or a belt wears, the wear can be plainly seen and repairs or replacement can be made. When a chain wears you get no warning – it will just snap.

Loading rates - The Rapid-Return Cable Hoist can deliver up to 2800 tiles per hour. The Belt Elevator can deliver 3,500 tiles to the roof per hour with 4 tiles per cleat, or 5000 per hour with 6 tiles per cleat. However the loading rate, even for large gangs, is usually around 2500 tiles per hour.

After-sales Service - All products, including the best on the market, will need after sales service. At Hytile we know how important a speedy, reliable after sales service is, not only to your profit margin, but also to your state of mind. At Hytile we endeavour to carry out same-day repairs, and stock spare parts for even the very early models, some of which have been in operation for over 30 years. Additionally, we are always available via phone to give advice, assisting our customers to diagnose problems they may encounter and get back on the job quickly.

Profit - The money you make per job does not only depend on how quickly you load the roof. While speed in this area is important, it is the time taken to do the complete job that governs the profit. This is determined by the efficiency of your whole system. You may be well organised on the roof, but planning your time off the roof is just as important. The biggest financial benefits are gained when all factors are included in your planning.



Rain & Ridgecovers go hand in hand

Don’t let all your pointing wash away in a sudden downpour. Protect your hard work, time and money by investing in four or five Hytile Ridgecovers. You’ll never be caught out again.


HYTILE Equipment in the northern suburbs


Elite Roof Coatings in Thomastown now stock Hytile products and would be pleased to help you when you’re over that side of town.

Their product range also includes Hytile FLEX flexible pointing and Regent roof paint. Drop in and have a chat with Geoff, he’ll be happy to help you out.

Elite Roof Coatings
2/3 Longview Court, Thomastown – Phone: 9464 7774



All successful businesses have things in common: Knowledgeable, friendly, productive staff, always available to help their customers, and good, reliable equipment that does the job required of it. How does your business stack up?

Old, unreliable equipment can cost you time and money. If your equipment is worn out and keeps letting you down it might be time to contact Hytile’s knowledgeable, friendly staff to see about up-dating it.

The recent Federal Budget’s measures to encourage small businesses mean you will now get instant tax
write-offs for any new equipment valued at under $20,000. This means effectively you will save around 30% on new equipment in the first year (around $3,000 on the purchase of a new Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator), instead of writing it off over 5 years.




dec09-1The Hytile Batten Trolley has always been a popular tool for the “back conscious” roof tiler. Tiles can be transferred from one end of the roof to the other with a minimum of physical effort.

They are particularly useful on long gable roofs, and in today’s market where block sizes are becoming smaller, the options for loading a roof from all sides are limited. In this situation, the Hytile Batten Trolley can be a big advantage in speed and energy saving – just load the trolley and roll it.



hytile-slate-awardHolmesglen Institute of TAFE held their annual apprentice awards night in March. The awards were sponsored by Hytile, Roof Fixing Supplies and the Roof Tiling Association. Our congratulations to the following award winners:
Best Apprentice: Jesse Labra (employed by Dawson Roofing)
Most Diligent: Rory McIvor (employed by M&R Roofing)
Outstanding Achievement: Jack Ollier (employed by Eagleridge Roofing)




Local Repairs, because your time is money

When your equipment is not working, neither are you. At Hytile we are acutely aware that your time is money. In our 45 years of operation our customers have always been able to rely on us to get them back on the roof quickly.

We can repair your Hoists and Elevators and other equipment, sharpen and service your Tilecutters, and tag your electrical gear.

For your convenience, we are able to carry out repairs at any one of our workshops in Croydon, Hallam and Hoppers Crossing. Bring your equipment in for fast, friendly service.



hytile-t-shirtOne of the big reasons we’ve been around for 50 years is because we care what you think about
our equipment. We’d really appreciate hearing your answers to the following questions, and any
other comments you wish to make:
1. What do you like most about Hytile equipment?
2. What do you think we can improve on?
3. What additions to our product range would you like to see?
4. How can we serve you better?
Email your answers to [email protected], include your shirt size, and we’ll send you out a Hytile Teeshirt to thank you for providing us with your valuable feedback.



Use a Bedding Frame to ensure your hip and ridge tiles are laid in straight, even lines.

This model comes in is 3.6mtrs long (12ft). It is made from tempered aluminium and is light and easy to handle. The thick layer of sponge rubber attached to the underside gives it added grip on steeper roofs.

The Standard Shorty is also made from aluminium with the sponge rubber on the underside, but is only 1.8mtrs (6ft) in length. Ideal for short, steeper hips, it is light and easy to handle.

Made from plated tubular steel, this 4mtr (13ft) model can be extended to 6.1mtr (20ft). Great for long hips.

This is a half size Extendable. It is 1.8mtrs (6ft) long and extends to 3.4mtr (11ft). It is easy to handle and ideal for small jobs

This hardy, no-frills model is made from plated tubular steel and comes in 1.8mtr and 3.2mtr lengths.