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Newsletter Summer 2017

Thank you very much for your custom this past year – we appreciate it and would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, and a safe, prosperous and happy New Year.


Christmas Trading Hours

Hytile’s last day of trading before the Christmas break: Friday 22nd December 2017 Resume trading: Monday 8th January 2018.

Christmas Hamper

All customers purchasing Hytile goods during the month of December will go into the draw to win a hamper full of delicious Christmas goodies.


Hytile Tilecutter – World Best Practice

1Australia leads the world when it comes to cutting roof tiles safely. Used by Australian roofers for nearly 50 years, Hytile Tilecutters are the only tile-cutting method that does not produce fine silica dust particles. This fine dust is a major cause of silicosis, a debilitating lung disease that has become a big health and safety issue in many countries. Australia, “we know what we’re doing”!


Brake on Cable Hoist Base Unit

2The base wheel brake Hytile developed earlier this year has been very well received. “An absolutely brilliant idea – the best thing you’ve ever done to the Cable Hoist!” is how Graham from All Above Roofing described it. Once a machine is in position and set up for a job, the brake is engaged by simply pulling up the lever. The Cable Hoist is now steady as a rock and won’t move
whilst in operation. No more chocking the base wheels – that’s gotta be a good thing! The brake is now standard on all new Cable Hoists, and can be easily retro-fitted to existing machines.


Instant tax deduction till 30th June 2018

3The Instant Asset Write-off Scheme from the 2015 Federal Budget has been extended once again, and will continue until the 30th June, 2018. What does this mean for you? In effect, on the purchase of a new Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator, you get the full depreciation amount (around $3,000) back in your pocket at tax time because the scheme allows you to deduct the full value of every asset immediately, instead of staggering it over a number of years.


Lease a New Hoist or Elevator

Are you constantly spending time and money patching up an old machine that has seen better days? Perhaps it’s time to up-date to the latest model Cable Hoist or Belt Elevator.

Financing new equipment might be just the solution for you, so whether you’re local or interstate, if you’d like information on leasing, give us a call on 03 9725-4488.


Hytile Batten Trolley

5The Hytile Batten Trolley is a popular tool for the “back conscious” roof tiler. Tiles can be transferred from one end of the roof to the other with a minimum of physical effort. They are particularly useful on long gable roofs, and in today’s market where block sizes are becoming smaller the options for loading a roof from all sides are limited. In these situations, the Hytile Batten Trolley can be a big advantage in speed and energy saving – just load up your trolley and roll it. View it in action on our website at www.hytile.com.au.


TAFE Roof Tiling Apprentice Awards

Nirimba TAFE in NSW held their annual apprentice awards night recently, where up-and-coming young apprentices received recognition for their efforts. Under the watchful eyes of Rudi Meuwissen, Nathan Riley, Phil Westley-Smith and Noel Walsh, the apprentices have been working hard honing their skills throughout the year.

4 Congratulation to award winners Shane Bates and Andrew Johnson, Luke Wan der Meulen and Andrew Mills, Connor Bates and Alex Van Der Wegen. Well Done boys.

Proud Sponsors of these awards include Bristile, Boral Roofing, CSR Monier and Hytile.


Lever-type Trolley

Another recent improvement to the Cable Hoist has now been tweaked a bit further to securely hold the lever in place while the wire rope is being adjusted or replaced.

Say goodbye to your old spring clamp assembly, because with a Lever-type Trolley, tensioning your wire rope has never been so simple and easy. This innovation is now standard on all new Cable Hoists, and can be easily retro-fitted to existing machines.

Have a look at the new Lever-type Trolley in operation by visiting the ‘Cable Hoist’ page on our website and clicking on the link: “Hytile Cable Hoist Instructional Video”