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Newsletter September 2008


Make wash-outs a thing of the past by protecting your pointing from rain with Hytile Ridge Covers.
Does your bedding and pointing take forever to dry with the heavy winter frosts? Protect your fresh work from sun-down to sun-up with a Hytile Ridge Cover.

Available in 7 metre lengths at a great low price.


Is Your Back Standing Up To The Strain?

Rooftiling is perhaps the most physically demanding occupation in the building industry. It requires a considerable amount of heavy lifting with much of the work being done in a stooped or bent over position.
At Hytile we are acutely aware of the need to produce equipment that helps keep back strain and physical effort to a minimum, equipment that is also safe, effective and user-friendly.

If you’d like assistance setting up your machine on the job, consider using a Hytile Elevator Lifter. This useful device allows one man to lift the longest Hoist or Elevator to roof level with no back strain.

The Lifter is clamped onto a rafter and a nylon rope is dropped down and tied on to the Elevator. By pumping the lever your Elevator is easily lifted to roof level.


sept08-3Successful businesses rely on top quality equipment to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Hytile have been supplying top quality equipment to Rooftilers for over 43 years.
If your current equipment is not up to par, consider investing in Hytile’s


sept08-4latest model Hoists and Elevators. Call Gary or Mark to discuss your requirements, or to arrange for us to send you a DVD showing our machines in operation.
Phone: (03) 9725-4488


flexible-pointing-coloursINVEST IN YOUR BUSINESS
HYTILE Flexible Pointing – delivered!

. . . and speaking of top quality products you can rely on, have you tried Hytile Flexible Pointing yet? Durable, U.V. resistant and easy to use, it’s available in a range of colours.
Give it a go on your next job and we’ll refund your money if you’re not completely satisfi ed. We deliver locally and interstate so give us a call to place your order.




Hytile stock a range of heavy-duty Protool products to suit tradesmen.

These long-lasting tools come with a 3 year warranty and have proven their reliability to Hytile customers over many years.



With the Hytile Rafter Marker jobs can be marked out with speed, ease and accuracy.
Simply turn the adjustment screw to set the pivot point, then “walk” the Rafter Marker up the rafter, leaving texta marks as you go.



Using a Hytile Tilecutter and Trimming Tray is a great way to keep the roof clean, helping ensure a safe working space.
The use of a Trimming Tray eliminates the need to clean up the roof after your job.
“No dust, no danger, no worries!”


sept-2002-Trolley-wheelsTrolley Wheels

Regular maintenance on your hoist will save you time and money
Worn trolley wheels can wear out the tracking on your hoist, just as dented, damaged hoist sections can shorten the life of your trolley wheels – so it pays to keep them both in good working order.

To get the most out of your trolley wheels, regularly inspect the tracking to ensure that it is free from dents and debris.
When new trolley wheels are fitted, straighten the wheel supports and manually run the trolley along the full length of the tracking to ensure it moves smoothly..


Finance a new Hoist or Elevator

For as little as the cost of a slab and a half of beer a week you can lease a new Hoist or Elevator. Call Caroline, Cheryl or Faye for further information.