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Newsletter September 2006


All successful businesses have things in common: Knowledgeable, friendly, productive staff, always available to help their customers, and good, reliable equipment that does the job required of it.

How does your business stack up?

Old, unreliable equipment costs you time and money.
If yours is worn out and letting you down it might be time to contact Hytile’s knowledgeable, friendly staff to see about up-dating it. Our latest model hoists are our best yet, and we can help you with all of your roof tiling requirements.



The Holmesglen Institute of TAFE Roof Tiling awards night was held in May.

Pictured here are award recipients James O’Dowd, Matthew Eldridge and Michael Dorset with teachers Mike Howman and Steve Chadwick




Hytile now have another outlet in Hallam.
Call in to see Peter – he can help you with:

  • Repairs & servicing
  • Equipment
  • Tagging
  • Spare parts
  • Blundstone boots
  • Sarking
  • Valley Seal
  • Ridge Tarps
  • Flexible pointing
  • Mixers / Stirrers
  • Power tools
  • QuickSet
  • Firewall Barrier
  • Nails/clouts and more . .

Hytile Hallam, Factory 2, 42 Melverton Drive,
Hallam Phone: 8786 3748 Melway Ref. 96 H2


sept06-3Get more life out of your Wirerope and Drive Wheel
A new wirerope will stretch approximately 80cm during the first couple of jobs. Correct wirerope tension will ensure a longer lasting wirerope and reduce wear on the Drivewheel.

Check The Wirerope Tension As Follows:
Place the TENSION SPRING CLAMP over the TENSION SPRING in the TROLLEY. (To compress the tension spring, pull up on the WIREROPE in front of the trolley.)

With the tension spring clamp over the tension spring the THIMBLED END of the wirerope should reach no further than the HOOK on the TROLLEY SAFETY CATCH AXLE. If the thimbled end can be pulled past this hook, take up the slack in the wirerope by adjusting the ADJUSTING NUT at the back of the trolley.

When the wirerope has been set up and tensioned, put up two pallets of tiles and check the tension once again. Repeat this after 3 more pallets, and again after another 5. Wirerope should now be stretched to its fullest capacity.


sept06-4Blundstone 505 Workboots

Blundstone 505 workboots, the Roof Tilers’ choice, are now available at Hytile.


Ridge-Tarps-2RIDGE TARPS

Eliminate job washouts
Protect your bedding and pointing in wet weather with a Ridge Tarp. Designed by a roof tiler for roof tilers, these heavy-duty polyethylene tarps are quick and easy to use. Available in 7 metre rolls.



Tilecutter Are you still using an old cutter? Try our current model for a great job with less effort.