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Newsletter Autumn 2017

Did you know . . . 2016 saw the greatest volume of new home building since the end of WWII?

According to the H.I.A., the number of new dwelling starts across Australia rose by 1.1 per cent from the previous year to 228,230.

Instant Tax Deduction For New Equipment

A key small business policy in the 2015 federal budget was the Instant Asset Write-off Scheme. It allowed businesses to immediately deduct the full value of every asset up to $20,000, instead of staggering deductions over a number of years.

The scheme is still in operation, so if up-dating your old equipment is on thecards, now would be a very good time to place your order for a new Cable, Hoist or Belt Elevator to be invoiced this financial year.


NEW Brake on Cable Hoist Base Unit

Autumn 2017

“An absolutely brilliant idea – the best thing you’ve ever done to the Cable Hoist!” is how Graham from All Above. Roofing described the brake on his new Cable Hoist.

Hytile’s commitment to continual product improvement and consultation with the men using our equipment has resulted in the development of this very simple and effective braking system for the base wheels.

Once a machine is in position and set up for a job, the brake is engaged by simply pulling up the lever. Your Cable Hoist is now steady as a rock and won’t move whilst in operation. No more chocking the base wheels!

The brake is now standard on all new Cable Hoists, and is easily retro-fitted to existing machines.


Hytile Batten Trolley

The Hytile Batten Trolley is a popular tool for the “back conscious” roof tiler. Tiles can be transferred from one end of the roof to the other with a minimum of physical effort.

They are particularly useful on long gable roofs, and in today’s market where block sizes are becoming smaller the options for loading a roof from all sides are limited. In these situations, the Hytile Batten Trolley can be a big advantage in speed and energy saving – just load up your trolley and roll it. View it in action on our website at www.hytile.com.au

Hytile Ridgecovers

image2 Rain, rain and more rain…. It’s that time of
the year again, so don’t let your hard work, time and money get washed away in a sudden downpour. Invest in a few Ridgecovers so you always have ‘protection’ on-hand.

New Lever-type Trolley

Another pretty recent improvement to the Cable Hoist is the Lever-Type Trolley. It makes tensioning your wirerope really easy and simple. Say goodbye to your old spring clamp assembly. Check-out the ‘Cable Hoist’ page on our website to see a video of it in action: “Hytile Cable Hoist Instructional Video”


A little T.L.C. for your Tilecutter

Does your Tilecutter need a bit of attention?

image3Drop it in and we’ll sharpen the chisel, replace the cutting wheel and give it a bit of grease and oil. If the cutting action is a little sloppy we can rectify this with oversize link bolts – you’ll really notice the difference.

Doing the job yourself? When the gap between the chisel and cutter wheel widens with use, sharpen the chisel. Don’t just slide the chisel down and nip up the grub screw – it will pop back up with the first cut. Instead, pack some small washers under the base of the chisel. Replace the cutter wheel when it gets blunt.


Holmesglen TA FE

Roof Tiling Apprentice Awards

Holmesglen’s awards night was held in March, and the following

up-and-coming young apprentices received recognition for their efforts:

Best Apprentice: Jye Johnston employed by J Grose Roofing- Jim Grose

Most Diligent: Joshua Taylor employed by TW Roofing – Todd Whatley

Outstanding Achievement: Nicholas Howard employed by Matrix Roofing – Shane


TAFE teacher Mick Durling with Jye and Josh


Jye’s boss Jim Grose with his ‘best apprentice’



. . . and a more curly Jim at a TAFE awards night back in 2009, with his dad Jim Grose senior.